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... You're out of your Tree...

... It's not my Tree...

4/28/20 04:50 pm

Not really here any more.... Bye bye LJ!

4/10/20 03:54 pm

Hello, most of this journal is friends only, except for the random tat below... Just leave me a comment here if you want to be added :)

10/23/12 05:39 pm

I know I don't write here any more, but I'm not ready to lose my LJ with all its history! Stop trying to delete me dammit... Anyone know of a way of getting a hard copy of your LJ?

3/19/09 06:23 pm

hehe, that's a nice touch.. it would seem the magical googlecar visited norwich during elephant season! anyone who missed the real thing, go and have a look :)

3/11/09 05:01 pm

Is it just me or does the music behind the cr*p that is "Metro Station - Shake It" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpzIJEIljQA) sound rather similar to The Shizit's "Post Human"? It's only the fading noise in the background, but it's the same key and everything. Keeps making me jump when it comes on the radio :)

11/27/08 07:04 pm

i'm doing a bit of sorting and keep coming across stuff to get rid of.
does anyone use / want a bottle of Schwarzkopf colour stay shampoo? much as i would love my colour to stay longer, i've already found a shampoo i'm happy with and this is a full bottle so could happily go to someone else. any takers?
next on the list are a few Neopets trading cards, free to a good home.
lastly, and i know this is a long shot but; does anyone know any new larpers looking for a "my first staff"? i'd quite like a little money for it, but not masses. how much do beginners staves go for? i was thinking maybe £15 ish. it's good & strong and looks a bit like a tree so would suit a druid-type. any tips on how to go about handing it on?

10/25/08 08:35 am

Hello Everyone!
It's only 5 days to go now til I dye my hair in aid of the Breast Cancer Campaign.
Once again, I've either bombarded people or forgotten to ask them entirely, so at the risk of bombarding you even more, here's the link
I have a Just Giving page set up: www.justgiving.com/dyeitpink
By donating online (as long as you're a UK tax payer) they can reclaim Gift Aid, which adds quite a bit!
Many thanks, and please feel free to forward this on to anyone who you think might be interested.

9/23/08 06:01 pm

On Saturday I'm having a stall at Clutter City.. As ever, half of me is saying "Come along! Show support! Buy tat!" while the other half is saying "Noooo, noone must come and see what silly things I make.."
So the decision is yours...

8/5/08 07:14 pm

on the offchance, does anyone have a spare half tub or so of red directions hair dye? or something similar.. i only need to do my tips once. if not, does anyone want the left overs if i buy a tub? :)

5/4/08 11:28 am

does anyone know how to get the smell out of a new handbag? it's fake leather and giving me a headache! i only bought it for events but it's well stinky...

3/9/08 02:29 pm


2/28/08 06:51 pm

does anyone here have an 80gb ipod? i've found a site that does beautiful gel skins for them, but the postage would be a bit much to just order one..

2/10/08 11:35 am - Nouvelle Vague - Monday 4th Feb 08 Arts Centre

Meaning Bossa Nova in Portuguese and New Wave in English, French band Nouvelle Vague combine the two in a bizarre but very enjoyable way. The set list included well known tracks; Blue Monday, Blank Generation and Just Can’t Get Enough to name a few. My personal favourites were the beautifully covered A Forest and Making Plans For Nigel.
To begin with there was very little interaction between the singers and the band, and the dancing seemed rather forced, but by the third song they had warmed up. After a little research, it would seem that the band line-up changes quite frequently, using combinations of several different vocalists. Our singers for the evening were Phoebe Killdeer and Marianne Elise, who both have singing careers outside of the band. There was an interesting dynamic of contrasting personas, with Marianne being rather small and sweet, and Phoebe basing her whole stage presence on being weird.
All the musicians were very talented in their own right, each getting a chance at some point to really show what they were capable of, but the most impressive was the drummer. Though I am admittedly biased towards drummers, one who can provide the whole musical backing for a song with no other instruments gets extra respect.
The best song of the night had to be Love Will Tear Us Apart, which they built up and up, and got the crowd singing along to. It was one of those Great Gig Moments, though I’m sure they’ve realised this and do it at every gig. After two encores, one with another version of Love Will.., the crowd dispersed.
All in all, a very enjoyable evening. Not something I would have thought to go and see, and possibly not something I would go to again, but I’m glad I went this time.

1/24/08 06:53 pm

Not sure if anyone would be interested, but I have some spare John Lewis catalogues of various kinds.. Not sure what to do with them. Before Christmas, they sent out two of each to me.. So they're mostly current, apart from the Christmas one which is just pretty to look at.
Also, loads of back issues of The Week. No idea if anyone would have any use for them - if I don't find anyone who wants these, I'll recycle them.

11/13/07 11:30 pm

yay! i know it's rather sad, but recently in WoW i've just been fishing up and down the coast north of theramore - it's rather therapeutic, there's virtually no risk of being attacked, and i've been looting and upping my fishing skill. today i noticed my skill wasn't going up any more and when i checked i found i'd got to 225. so off to google i went, to find out how to get my fishing up to 300. i have a rather lovely quest which i've just spent half an hour doing half of. i have to go to four different places, two on each continent, and fish for a rare fish. brilliant, just the right sort of challenging for my work-tired mind. i look forward to finishing the quest next time...

9/5/07 06:09 pm

i'm really loving faithless basslines at the moment.. i'm not sure i noticed them enough before. they're really rather amazing aren't they?

7/3/07 09:40 pm

anyone know where i can download the last dr who episode from? *needs*

9/13/06 05:04 pm - ?!

Haiku2 for bloodredglossy
guess what i had a
ritual team went into
the void gate action
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9/2/06 04:20 pm

gav would like it to be known that lj currently thinks he's a bot and so he can't read or write anything until further notice.

gav, yesterday.

8/9/06 09:04 pm

I didn't realise Arthur Lee had died....
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