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... You're out of your Tree...

... It's not my Tree...

my guardian angel walked away
no really, you don't want to read this journal. all i do is whinge. and i'm not even eloquent about it.

rather amazingly, i appear to have recovered from m.e.. thankyou dr mickel!

"It certainly is a linguistic odyssey and an education knowing you Lisa" - Jase
"What's on the cocktail menu this weekend then oh great alcoholmist?" - Roach
"I look up to you. I probably shouldn't tell you that." - Mattt

I have seen these films.

I have listened to this music:
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here i make stuff. here i make stock images.


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viconia684 got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

as of 21.12.08 - steamwheedle: emmeline 55a ranghild 20a delena 23a dhedi 20a
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